for critical transportation

infrastructures availability

Capture. Process. Share. Act

It’s as simple as it sounds! Get a link, stroll or fly in and around your live 3D tunnel or bridge. Check relevant focal points identified by the system’s accumulated AI knowledge engine. Share with your colleagues and contractors. Make an effective decision.

Benefit from a single high-end meeting place that brings years of multi-disciplined maintenance and operational experience gathered from all over the world into one professional platform.

How It Works

Surveys, Smartphones, maintenance reports

Image processing and AI-based findings identification

Act & Share

Immediate Benefits

Reducing recurring maintenance and operational costs

Extending critical infrastructure lifespan

Increasing infrastructure safety

Identifying structural-systems risks

Dynamic Infrastructure: We Deliver Revolution

DI provides a live and proactive cloud-based system, which automatically extracts and predicts precise actionable information from existing critical transportation-infrastructure imagery. We are fortunate to have built a round table of diverse industry professionals who bring decades of experience in the operation and maintenance of tunnels and bridges to one setting – something that has never been done before.

We have created an AI based platform to carry out a single and highly focused task: seamless multi-discipline collaboration for in-time maintenance and maximum asset availability.

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Can you demo your system on my bridge or tunnel?

Absolutely. Contact us and you will see how fast you can benefit from the system.

Who will use the system in our company?

Dynamic Infrastructure enables maintenance engineers and contractors to carry out extensive asset analysis. Our product also allows the Operator management to benefit from comprehensive asset analysis and relevant reports.

What are the most valuable features for our company?

Accurate in-time and predictive maintenance to reduce intervention and congestion.

What are the annual costs?

We believe in, “pay as you go” – if you don’t use our system there is no charge!

Can I use images stored in other systems?

Yes. We support importing from most EAM  solutions and relevant repositories, such as SAP, Infor and more.

I have old dated pictures, few years back. Can I use them?

Yes. We know every picture can contribute to understanding the overall assets condition, so we are able to incorporate historical pictures.

I have BIM model of my bridge or tunnel, does it help?

Of course! Dynamic infrastructure can integrate it into the system, so you can see the same model in 3D anywhere you choose.